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I certainly don’t fear it, I already got a glimpse into working with Sam Taylor-Johnson at the test, and I’’d met Dakota by then. So I had a glimpse into how I felt it would be if I got the part. None of it scared me. -When asked about the pressure of playing Christian Grey.

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What could be more intimate than squeezing the life from another human being? 

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Supernatural cast exits WB booth (x)

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Supernatural Cast at Comic Con 2014

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Demon!Dean // 10x03 [x]

"If the Supernatural universe could crossover to any other universe which one would you choose?"

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Jensen being an absolutely beautiful and adorable ray of sunshine [x]

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Is it the murder or the shadow of that murder that causes the greatest pleasure, the greatest pain?

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 « I do not try to be cool or trendy. I am individualist. Most in life I want to be myself. »

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New Jamie Dornan portrait session (2014)

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